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Online Applications

End users and System Integrators around the world have reported using duTec Remote I/O in control applications. Here is a sample of recent online applications which incorporate duTec products.

Airtech Environmental
Airtech can conduct a wide variety of source emissions test programs ranging from the simultaneous sampling of multiple test locations to the development of test methods for pollutants that currently have no recognized methodology. Airtech uses duTec productfor data acquisition.

Aquatic Services, Inc.  
Specializing in the sales, design, service, calibration, and repair of instrumentation for municipal and industrial water and wastewater  treatment.

Battelle, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Bioprocessing is the term used to describe the engineering of biological systems to enhance and/or direct the application of naturally occurring entities.

Borg Warner's largest transmission plant wanted off-the-shelf hardware and world-class quality. Download a PDF description of this showcase installation, which uses duTec hardware (interoperable with hardware from several manufacturers ) and Intellution software.

Hermont Marine, Inc.
Ballast Tank Level Gauging. A simple means of monitoring the tank level is by way of a PC based monitoring system using pressure transducers, along with duTec's remote I/O control products.

Monitor Labs
Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) system can accept process data, like fuel flows, from a duTec I/O PLEXER.

P-CIM at Svartsengi Power Plant (English Version)
A geothermal plant in Iceland makes use of duTec Remote I/O products.

Taiwan Cement Company/
Teledyne Special Equipment CM Products
Mining by Remote Control; this is one tough application.

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