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duTecDDETM Users Guide

Download the files

The program is distributed as a "self-extracting archive", downloadable from the duTec distribution website.

Click here to download the program DDELCFDW.EXE, to your hard drive.  It contains demonstration versions of both the duTec Local Control Function (LCF) program and the duTec Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) program, with supporting files for each.  The DDE program is fully functional, but will time out after 60 minutes of operation. The LCF demo program is also completely functional, but will not download code to a remote I/O device.

Install the software on your machine

[Note:  If you received your copy on disk, it is contained on two volumes.  You MUST run the program on the first volume, labelled INSTALL1.EXE, before completing the installation by running INSTALL2.EXE from the second volume.]
Each download will leave a SELF-EXTRACTING ARCHIVE program (DDELCFDW.EXE) on your hard drive. Follow instructions as they are presented on the screen to control the installation.

Running one or both of these programs will:

You can then run any of the demo programs.

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In order to use duTecDDE:

The following information is necessary when using the duTecDDE. DDE links are expressed in the format:

Application Name =
duTecDDE duTecDDE application name (default)

Topic Name =
IOP00 User supplied name from ConfgDDE program (default)
System Topic name used to read system variables

Item Names = (see tables below) where x = Module number 0 - 63
Analog Modules Description
Ana(x) Reads analog value 0% - 100% (inputs or outputs)
AnaOut(x) Write analog output value 0% - 100%
AnaMin(x) Read smallest value since cleared 0% - 100% (Write 100% to reset)
AnaMax(x) Read largest value since cleared 0% - 100% (Write 0% to reset)
AnaAvg(x) Read last completed average 0% - 100%
Digital Modules Description
Dig(x) Read digital value 0 - 1 (inputs or outputs)
DigOut(x) Write digital output value 0 - 1
DigAccum(x) Read total on/off time 0 - 65535 (multiply by .01 Sec.) Set to 0 to clear
DigCount(x) Read digital counter value (inputs or outputs) Set to 0 to clear
DigFreq(x) Read digital frequency counter 0 - 65535 (Hz if sample time = 1.00 Sec.)
DigLatch(x) Read digital latch 0 - 1 (inputs or outputs) Set to 0 to clear
Modules Located On x value in DDE link equals
Main Chassis 0 - 15 0 - 15
1st Digital Expander 0 - 15 16 - 31
2nd Digital Expander 0 - 15 32 - 47
3rd Digital Expander 0 - 15 48 - 63
Additional Items Description
SysItems List of Items available (use with Topic name = System)
Topics List of Topics available for use with duTecDDE system, IOP00, IOP01, etc. (use with Topic name = System)
Formats List of data Formats (duTecDDE supports Text format only)(use with Topic name = System)
TopicItemList List of items for this topic including I/O items for main chassis
Exp1ItemList I/O Items available for 1st expander
Exp2ItemList I/O Items available for 2nd expander
Exp3ItemList I/O Items available for 3rd expander
LastScanTime Time of last successful scan for this topic
CommunicationsFailure Number of passes since last good scan

For example:
If the present analog input value found at module position 5 on chassis number 0 were desired, the connection would be:

duTecDDE | IOP00 ! Ana(5)
Sample Analog Read Instruction to Position 5
Application Name | Topic Name ! Item Name
duTecDDE | IOP00 ! Ana(5)

If the counter for the digital module located at position 1 of the first digital expander attached to chassis number 0 were
desired the DDE would be:

Sample Digital Counter Read from Position 1 of the First Expander
Application Name | Topic Name ! Item Name
duTecDDE | IOP00 ! DigCount(17)

It is important to note that most digital input functions can be performed on output modules as well. For example; it is valid
to access the digital counters and timers even if the module happens to be an output.

All digital values are expressed as an integer from 0 - 65535. The timebase for pulse accumulators (DigAccum(x)) is 10mS.
DigFreq(x) is in Hz. if the sample time = 1.00 Sec.

All analog values are expressed in terms of 0% - 100% including Temperature inputs. Temperature inputs will however be properly linearized where applicable.

Note : When using duTecDDE with Excel the Item Name must be enclosed in single quote marks.

For example :

duTecDDE example for using Excel
Application Name | Topic Name ! Item Name
duTecDDE | IOP00 ! 'ANA(5)'

Sample DDE Screens :

Configuration screen example

Runtime screen example

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