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duTec EtherPlexer

Product Data Sheet - ETHERPLEXER

Now another choice of communication is available to users of our I/O products. With the addition of an Ethernet option for our
I/O PLEXER, and BASIC I/O products, your communication, monitoring and control options include your LAN, or Internet.
This option may be purchased with a new system, or added to an existing one.

The ETHERPLEXER provides
  • Remote access of I/O PLEXER or BASIC I/O via Ethernet, Internet or Intranet.
  • Interfaces I/O PLEXER/BASIC I/O to network resources, and plantwide software.
  • Can be used with multiple I/O PLEXER or BASIC I/O units.
  • Reduces wiring costs - uses existing Ethernet wiring.
  • Can retrofit to existing I/O PLEXERs
  • Works with any serial device.


  • Direct 10-Base T Ethernet interface.
  • Built-in TCP/IP protocol stack provides standard communication interface.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous client/server communication.

all specs typical at 25°C unless otherwise noted



Network Interface Type:

Ethernet 10Base-T (R145)

Power Voltage Range:

15 to 28Vac, 20 to 40 Vdc

Physical Characteristics

4.95" D x 7.29" W x 1.52" H
12.57 cm D x 18.52 cm W x 3.86 cm H

Operating Temperature Range:

0 to 50°C

Price: US $595.00
duTec ETHERPLEXER units communicate over any Ethernet network (LAN) using industry-standard TCP/IP protocol, providing a non-proprietary interface to virtually any host. Each duTec ETHERPLEXER unit has a TCP/IP stack built-in and receives its own unique network IP address, configured through one of its on-board RS-232 serial ports.

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