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Worked example of LCF Blocks

duTec Test Fixture demonstration

duTec uses a standard I/O PLEXER, including typical input and output modules, to demonstrate the capabilities of its hardware and software.


The diagram illustrates a simple demonstration for Local Control Function blocks. The designer was asked to tie the digital switch inputs to the green and red LED outputs, which serve as switch position indicators. In addition, the first switch controls which of two analog inputs (a pot or a thermocouple) will be passed along for further manipulation. The "green light on" state indicates that the pot voltage will be available, while "green light off" means the thermocouple reading will be used.

By connecting a voltmeter to the analog output module, this functionality is demonstrated. A similar set of LCFs can be constructed, switched, and indicated with the red LED to process the analog signal further before presenting it at the output-- for example, using it in a multi-band control scheme. This addition is left as an exercise for the reader.

To see how this scheme, and others, can be implemented through the duTec LCF program generator, you can examine them through the duTec demonstration program DEMOLCF.EXE. This worked example appears as the file FIXTURE.LCF when you download and install the demonstration program. Click here  for instructions on downloading the demonstration software.

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