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duTec LCFs include PID control and ladder logic

Local Control Function (LCF ) blocks are a standard feature in most of duTec's remote I/O products.

Residing in firmware, LCFs perform STANDALONE, close-looped control of processes from within the remote I/O device itself.

The remote I/O device can still operate as a slave device when the control schemes are running. This allows for the exchange of set point values or other data to be read or set from the host computer.

With duTec's LCF Program Generator you can configure a PID controller, with optional analog or time-proportional digital output. You can also choose to define control sequences using familiar ladder-logic form. Other LCF functions include analog comparisons, AND/OR/NOR gates, truth table functions, and deadband controllers. The power to configure analog and digital I/O into local control schemes is enhanced by duTec's unique ability to mix individual analog and/or digital I/O points on a single rack.

The LCF demo contains an example control block which shows how STANDALONE temperature control of a heater might be configured. The example illustrates a few of the LCF functions available, and the ease with which they can be configured.

You can click here to find more information on duTec's LCF block capability, including a downloadable demonstration program you can run on your own PC. Click here for download choices.

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